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Lewisburg Enhances School Culture by Rewarding Positive Behaviors

Caylin Nash, Preston Tabb, and Abban Stevens earn a book from the Hero Book Vending Machine.

Lewisburg is enhancing school culture by rewarding positive behaviors through a program they call HERO points. “Two years ago, as part of our commitment to a behavior system called PBIS, I asked Ms. Lucas to oversee a program called HERO Points and she has done an outstanding job. It has become part of our culture here at Lewisburg and we have seen a significant decrease in the number of office referrals,” said Lewisburg Principal Dr. Josh Matthews. 

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention System and it is a researched-based system to help encourage positive behavior. In the HERO points system, students earn tier I, II, or III status based on attendance and behavior. The students in tier I exceed the behavior expectations and earn “extra” privileges. Those privileges or rewards range from time in the game room to surprise boxes. Tier II students met the behavior expectations. They don’t receive the same rewards as tier I, but they benefit from maintaining Tier II status as they collect points to spend in the HERO store.  Of course, points are deducted and privileges are lost for misbehavior.

“It is really about making good choices and collecting as many points as possible,” said Assistant Principal Christy Lucas. In January 2021 alone, there were 2.6K positive scans for students as they rose to meet the expectations of our Graduate Profile. She continued, “Students have an opportunity to spend their points like money twice a year. During the year, students can earn tokens for our Book vending machine.”

At Christmas and in May of each school year, the school opens the HERO Points Store. The students can use their points as money to buy items from the store. “This has been a really great program,” said Ms. Lucas. 

According to Lucas the vast majority of store inventory comes from donations. “Our staff donates the majority of items and we get help from the community, which allows us to have a wide assortment of choices for all students. Honestly, it takes a lot of time getting the store up and running twice a year, but watching students buy their parents or siblings Christmas gifts using their points makes it worthwhile.” The community and other school groups have helped make the store a huge success.

“I really can’t thank some of our local organizations along with our Family Resource Center enough for helping make the store awesome for our students,” said Dr. Matthews. The store has several smaller items, but students can “buy” TVs, tents, PlayStations, and even a kayak. “I am really proud of what this has become for our school and it connects well with our graduate profile. I think Ms. Lucas and Mrs. Bobbi Miller have done an outstanding job getting the store up and running.  It has not been an easy task, but they have made it something special,” said Dr. Matthews.


Article by Christy Lucas, Assistant Principal of Lewisburg School

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