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Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month at LCS

Teachers at Auburn dress up on World Autism Day

April is officially World Autism Month. This is a time to celebrate the neurodiversity of many of Logan County Schools’ students and staff. This may mean wearing blue or multi-colored puzzle pieces, sharing support with others or on social media platforms, or taking some time to educate oneself. There is some level of debate in regards to the most appropriate label for this month--whether it should be Autism Awareness, Autism Acceptance, or Autism Appreciation. Ultimately, the United Nations officially designates April 2nd as Autism Awareness Day, while many organizations have moved toward referring to April as Autism Acceptance Month. No matter the label, it is a time to consider the contributions made and challenges faced by those on the autism spectrum. Autism Speaks ( is inviting everyone for April 2021 to #LightUpWithKindness.

Some suggestions from Autism Speaks for celebrating this month include the following:

  • Commit to take action toward a kinder world
  • Connect with kindness by sharing resources and stories on social media to increase global understanding and acceptance for autism
  • Lead with kindness by advocating to help advance policies that positively impact the autism community or starting a kindness campaign at work
  • Learn with kindness in the classroom with daily kind acts

All of these suggestions could be implemented all year long. Showing kindness to other with autism and to all those who socialize, think, learn, and communicate differently is a small act that can make great change in our schools and in our communities. The Logan County School system is committed to providing the best education possible for our students on the autism spectrum. Striving to educate children, not just academically but in the realms of social-emotional functioning and communication as well, is the goal of our teachers and staff. Amazing students at all levels of ability make this both rewarding and achievable.


For additional information and resources, check out the following:

By Rachel Wetton, Exceptional Child Specialist at LCS

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