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Comfort in Communication: A Spotlight on Connecting Schools and Communities

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There’s a reason community and communication are such similar words. Logan County Schools is proud to be a part of such a tight-knit community where our students are supported not only by their families and schools, but also by community members and leaders. This support is founded on the communication between the community and our schools. 

Communication from the school will come via several different channels to ensure everyone has a method of receiving school information. Important, time-sensitive updates will always be posted on social media, with districtwide updates posted on the district social media pages, and individual school updates on the school social media pages. Time-sensitive updates may be regarding school closures, bus delays, sign-up information, and other information that needs to reach our families as soon as possible. 

Time-sensitive updates will also be sent through SchoolPointe, the district’s all-call system that reaches every primary guardian on a student’s profile. Messages are sent from the schools as a phone call, text message, email, or combination. 

All-calls are distributed from the Board of Education’s front desk phone. Sometimes, missed calls and voicemails from 270-726-2436 are all-call messages from the school, not the Board of Education. Please check your voicemail, email, and/or text messages when you see a missed call from this number to let our front desk know why you are returning the call. If you believe you are not receiving all-call messages, please contact your child’s school to have your contact information updated.

Exciting school news will also be posted on social media. Student and staff recognitions, school achievements, interesting school activities, and more are celebrated on our social media pages, the district website, and in local news media sources. We enjoy sharing the positive, everyday occurrences that deserve celebration. There are wonderful things happening at Logan County Schools every single day!

Family-to-school communication is also beneficial for our students’ success. When teachers and parents/guardians both feel supported by each other, there is a better understanding of students’ needs. A better understanding leads to growth and further success!

There are many methods of reaching your child’s teacher for a conversation. Face-to-face communication is available at parent-teacher conferences and school events, and occasionally by appointment. Often, the most efficient method of communication is email. During the school day, teachers are busy teaching! Emails are easily accessible for both parties to discuss student information at a personal time preference. Phone calls are more effective for time-sensitive parent-teacher conversations. Phone calls are most often and best directed through the front desk of your child’s school. The phone numbers for each school office are listed below.

Adairville School: 270-539-7711
Auburn School: 270-542-4181
Chandler’s School: 270-542-4139
Lewisburg School: 270-755-4823
Olmstead School: 270-726-3811
Logan County High School: 270-726-8454

Parent & guardian communications should be directed to the appropriate contact. Conversations regarding your child will most likely need to be shared with the school via email, phone call, or face-to-face. Social media is often not the most effective method of communication with your child’s school or district concerns as information can become buried by social media algorithms. Depending on the concern, you may reach out to your child’s teacher, guidance counselor, or an administrator. If you do not know who to contact, the front desk at your school is the best place to start! Our wonderful team of receptionists will be willing to help you reach the person best-suited to answer questions and address concerns. 

Conversations regarding school policies should be directed to the school’s administration and Site-Based Decision Making Council. Conversations regarding district policies should be directed to the Logan County Board of Education. Conversations regarding state education policies should be directed to the appropriate state office, as these policies often cannot be changed at the school level.

Family-to-school communication is parent & guardian involvement! We appreciate our parents being involved in the success of your student and our staff. Your student will appreciate it, too! As a community, your support and involvement is invaluable to Logan County Schools.

For translated communications, please reach out to your child’s school. Para comunicaciones traducidas, comuníquese con la escuela de su hijo.


Article by Madison Rose, Director of Communications at Logan County Schools

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