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Chandler’s School End-of-Semester Successes

Chandler's Volleyball Team

While this semester has gone by quickly, there have been countless achievements by our students and staff. This year, our staff has worked hard to reestablish norms and traditions in our school's culture.  Some of those areas that have returned this year include volleyball, archery, academic team, and school clubs.  At Chandler’s School, we are continuously listening to all of our stakeholders and what they would like to see.  It is our mission to serve the needs and interests of our students and give them the best experience possible.  While the school year has approached the end of the first semester, there have already been countless successes worth celebrating, both from our students and our staff.  As a school we will also continue to reflect on our current practices and work tirelessly to ensure that next semester is even better.

This year the Chandler’s volleyball team achieved extraordinary results. The team was led by five remarkable eighth grade girls that mentored their teammates in dedication, leadership, and sportsmanship.  Both our A and B teams went most of the season undefeated, and both teams finished the year as district runner ups. These girls, led by coach Sierra McGee and Chanler Steenbergen represented Chandler’s school with pride and passion in everything they did.  Our volleyball program is primed for success for years to come thanks to the players and coaches who put in so much time and hard work.  

The Chandler’s archery team has kicked off its season and has competed in their first match since March of 2020.  Chandler’s archery program has always enjoyed great turnout amongst the students that carries over to a tradition of success.  This year, turnout is again very high and we have an eager team, ready to prove themselves.  These fine young men and women are led by coach Elizabeth Cooper who is instilling into her archers what it takes to succeed both in archery and in life.  While these individuals have only been practicing for the last month, they have shown amazing growth, and the potential for them to have a truly special season is palpable.  

Another extracurricular activity that is back in action this year is our school's academic team who is currently 3 and 0 on the young season.  Last year our students missed out on the opportunity to travel around the district and compete against other schools in person.  This season, team members are enjoying success thanks to their dedication and the leadership that Mrs. Sherri Pryor brings to every team event.  Chandler’s is fortunate to have someone so dedicated to helping students grow and student achievement as Mrs. Pryor.  There are still a number of matches to go this season, but this team and individuals have the ingredients to be successful well beyond just this season. 

Finally, our school reintroduced club time into our schedule.  Our middle schoolers had a number of clubs to choose from this semester where they meet once a month on Friday to participate in activities of their choosing.  Examples of clubs are STEM, financial literacy, crafting, debate, anime, chess, sports, and writing.  Opportunities such as this allow our students to collaborate and communicate with their peers, gain valuable hands-on experience in their interests, and get to know their teachers and staff in a more meaningful way.  Our 2nd and 3rd graders are also participating in club time each Friday for an hour.  Next semester we will have regular club time for all students 2nd through 8th grade.  Being able to bring these opportunities back to our students has been one of the many bright spots this semester and allowed everyone to feel a sense of normalcy again. 
This has been truly an amazing semester and we at Chandler’s are so proud of our students for their accomplishments and efforts.  Our staff is dedicated to providing a welcoming, safe environment for everyone, where everyone can learn and grow.  We have enjoyed the opportunity to see all our students' bright, smiling faces back in the classrooms this fall and we have listened to what they would like to see more of next semester.  We will continue to empower our students and ensure that they have all the opportunities we can possibly create for them.


Article by Assistant Principal Grant Warren


Students work on STEM project. Chandler's students learning with Mr. Warren

Chandler's Volleyball Team


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